Bag • In • Barrel

The Problems

The steel drum is, in itself an excellent transport package, but can present many problems.

The result of these problems can result in large quantities of product being lost and the need for environmentally unfriendly reconditioning or disposal.

  • Rust and metal particles diminish the strength of the drum, and during long – term storage contaminate the contents, necessitating expensive and time consuming filtering by the recipient.
  • Condensation is a recognised problem which destroys the quality of the product and its functional properties.
  • Bacteria will thrive and spoil drum contents especially foodstuffs, impacting on quality control processes.
  • Wastage poses problems regarding the environment, health and safety and profitability, a 3-5 litre loss per drum is not unusual.

Consider these absolute requirements of modern transport

  • Must meet stringent safety requirements during transport and not endanger humans, animals or the natural environment.
  • Should protect and maintain the purity of the product.
  • Meet current and future environmental regulations both nationally and internationally.

The Solution

  • The solution is ingeniously simple. A robust, pliable product-adapted inner liner called BIBA (Bag in a barrel).
  • The new patented BIBA system developed in Norway, eliminates the problems associated with the use of steel drums for transportation and storage of product.
  • The system combines the best properties of the different types of packaging – the strength of the steel drum and the BIBA liners flexibility, cleanliness and resistance to chemicals.
  • BIBA system provides optimum protection of the product and environment during transport and storage.
  • The BIBA system is the cost effective solution.
BIBA - Bag In Barrel
BIBA - Split Drum